Who We Are

Meet Ashley Douglas, a vivacious, radiant, soulful, down-to-earth entrepreneur originating from Banbridge, Georgia. From early on, Ashley’s passion for business burned bright, sparked by her playful adventures with Barbie dolls and her knack for whipping up delicious soulful delights in her mom’s and grandma’s kitchens. As she humorously recalls, her childhood toys of choice were Barbies and Easy-Bake ovens, hinting at her future as a multi-talented businesswoman.

Fast forward to 2006, Ashley made the bold move to Tallahassee, Florida, where she pursued her dream by enrolling in cosmetology school. Little did she know, fate had a remarkable mentor in store for her – the legendary Jolanda Powell, also known as Ms. JoJo. Under Ms. JoJo’s guidance, Ashley honed her craft and discovered her passion for hair coloring, a skill that would become her forte in the world of beauty.

Working alongside her mentor, Ashley realized her dream of salon ownership, birthing “She’s A Hottie,” hair salon, her very own hair sanctuary. Yet, her entrepreneurial spirit craved more. Driven by her love for cooking, Ashley ventured into the culinary world, obtaining her license in Food Management Services and launching “Cooking Healthy with Ashley.” Her delectable salads and loaded baked potatoes quickly garnered attention, leading to an exciting opportunity as a chef for WCTV News Station.

But Ashley’s journey didn’t stop there. Embracing her newfound love for media and film, she embarked on a thrilling new endeavor – “She’s a Hottie Podcast.” With her signature slogan, “Where we chew and chat,” Ashley seamlessly blended her passion for food with her innate gift for counseling and listening. Through captivating interviews and insightful discussions, she aims to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and share the wisdom of seasoned business leaders.

With each milestone, Ashley remains grateful for the journey, guided by faith and fueled by a relentless determination to fulfill her calling. What’s her ultimate goal? The ultimate goal is to illuminate the path for others embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, knowing that every step is divinely orchestrated by God. As she graciously accepts recognition for her achievements, Ashley’s message is clear – the best is yet to come. Stay tuned for the next chapter in her extraordinary story.